Time-Out Chairs - Every Kid's Room Needs One

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Published: 15th November 2010
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There are some essential furniture that every kid's room needs- a bed, table and chair, storage shelves, dresser, crib and diaper changing station for babies and toddlers, maybe even a kids room divider for decoration. But there is one furniture which I feel is very important for all kids rooms-and that is a kids 'time-out' chair.

Every kid would have got a 'time-out' at one time or the other for being naughty, or not doing their chores/homework, not listening to parents or elders and so on. Even parents who are generally very lenient with their kids would agree that giving a 'time-out' seems to be the most effective tactic to make a child realise that what he/she did was not correct and to give them some quiet, alone time to think about the consequences. It encourages good behaviour in kids. The best way to do this would be to have a specific time-out chair, probably in the kids room away from TV, computer, game systems etc. These time-out chairs can be effective in schools and day-care centers also.

There are different types of time-out chairs available in the market these days. boys bedroom furniture read more...

There are chairs available specifically for boys or girls, rockers and even benches which can be put in a safe place outdoors away from all their favorite playthings. Some have the words 'time out' or 'oops' written on them. Some of them are decorated with animal figures like bears, frogs etc. Time-out chairs for girls look very pretty in pink and heart engraved on them. In fact, they are so pretty that girls might want to use them even without a time-out! There are also chairs which say 'time to read' and have a small compartment on the chair's hands to keep books and a working clock to keep track of time.

So, get your kids a time-out chair and by doing so, you'll not only encourage good behaviour in them but also add a piece of decor to the room. :: Time-Out Chairs - Every Kid's Room Needs One

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